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As newlyweds, a young married couple began a habit of writing little notes to one another. All each note said was SHMILY. Years went by and they kept the tradition alive, but began hiding those little notes for them to be discovered by their true love at a later the bottom of a cookie jar, tucked in a suitcase, between dishes in the cabinet, tucked in a toolbox and countless other ways. Decades slipped by and although age took its toll, they never stopped writing these little notes! Eventually one of the spouses passed away leaving the other alone and lonely...until that spouse began to discover little hidden notes that simply said SHMILY. Notes were found for months and even years after their love had passed away. Until the day they died, new notes kept being discovered. The last note, found by their family, explained it all...SHMILY: See how much I love you!

Our Story

In 1996, while celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary, we fell in love with the charming community of Fredericksburg, Texas...full of history and character! Over the next two decades, we visited often. Each time the dream of having our own hill country retreat solidified itself deeper in our hearts. A chance right turn on our 26th Wedding Anniversary led us to the perfect cottage to fulfill the dream, now known as SHMILY Dream Haus! A short time later, on an evening walk, wine in hand, we discovered a fabulous home we had once stayed in with friends! The next day, we saw a “for sale” sign, scheduled a showing, fell in love and soon became the owners of what is now SHMILY Red Stair Haus along with the adjacent historic residence, SHMILY Silo Haus, named for its unique outward appearance. Then, while under quarantine during the 2021 pandemic, we sought comfort at our new haven. Time on our hands, we came across a beautifully and lovingly restored almost century-old home a few blocks away, a perfect retreat for guests staying in Fredericksburg. The third house was the 'charm' and SHMILY Charmed Haus was born. SHMILY (See how much I love you) has been a part of our family for equally as long as our dream now come true, three times over! Enjoy your time at the SHMILY Retreats! We hope your life is better because of the time you spent here!

David & Tammy


We hope your life is better because of the time you spent here!